"I was referred to MyCarButler by a fellow physician who has used the service for well over a year. My need for the service came at a time when I was truly desperate. My check engine light came on in my 2016 Mercedes S550 after only 3 months. To say the least I was upset when then sated in the message center "Drive to your nearest service center." I called the number listed and April immediately got Kevin, the valet driver to my location and picked up my vehicle. By the end of the following day my vehicle was returned and in perfect working condition!

If you value your time and are a busy person this is the best service out there... PERIOD!

Dr. John C. 7/18

"What would I do without this service. My husband registered me for this service and I cannot say enough about the professionalism of the valet drivers. Prompt and reliable! Whenever I call and set my appointment they are on time and deliver my vehicle for service and return it the same as when it left."

Ashley P. 8/18

"What a great service. My service advisor referred me to this company. As an attorney I have a busy schedule and very little time to worry about getting my car to a service department for regular maintenance. After looking over the reviews and speaking to a few other attorneys in the firm I signed up for the service. This was the best money that I have spent and will use MyCarButler for a long time!"

Tim J. 9/18

"I found myself needing this service and did not know it existed but I am so glad that it does. My vehicle was in service and when I received the call it was ready to be picked up I was dropped of by the dealership shuttle service and had no ride back. I found the brochure in my physicians lounge and immediately called the number listed. Even though they required 24 hour notice they made an exception and picked up my vehicle and delivered it to me! Best thing ever!!

Casey H. 11/17

"As a physician my life is all about taking care of people. I rarely take care of myself other than going on nice vacations and buying a nice car or two. After purchasing my 2016 Lexus GS F I noticed a flyer advertising MyCarButler in the hospital lounge. I was curious so I called and spoke with Erica who referred me to the owner Mr. Drew. He slid me on that fact that me giving my information when I go to service departments to get a loaner car would be no more. My privacy is very important and I have never been happier with this service and the company. Thank you MyCarButler.

Dr. Jason N. 5/18

"Make no mistake about it if you are in Atlanta and you are taking your car to a service department and constantly being frustrated by long wait times and inconsiderate service representatives... MyCarButler is the best thing you can do for yourself!

Xavier W. 4/18

"Can't say enough about the people and the service of MyCarButler. I called and spoke to Erica, the office manager and she told me that Mr.Drew authorized her to do whatever it takes to make it happen for me. I am in the entertainment industry and hearing that made know I would give them my business on all my vehicles. Being a car lover when one is in for service MyCarButler makes sure I am happy and that's all you want to hear. Big shout out to everyone there!

Jay J. 3/18

"Great service and great people. A true time saver and life saver! Thanks MyCarButler!

Frank J. 2/18

"After meeting Mr.Drew at a business mixer and exchanging information I knew I could use his service. Being an attorney and a car enthusiast I enrolled my 2016 Porsche Cayenne in the MyCarButler service and since that time I have referred over 9 of my fellow attorneys to use his service. Amazing! Thanks MyCarButler.

Greg M. 2/18

"My 2015 Range Rover needed service and I was referred to to MyCarButler by my neighbor. After contacting them and reading the reviews I decided to try out the service and I have been nothing but impressed. Great service and it saves me time from having to wait for my vehicle to get serviced."

Greg J. 1/18

"Thank you MyCarButler! After my husband purchased me a new Audi A8 as a busy professional I new that I wanted to make sure it was properly maintained. One of my colleagues at Northside Hospital referred me and not only do they offer pick up/drop off service but they absolutely do the best job ever detailing vehicles. Jarvis is superb!"

April S. 12/17

"I was leaving my office and my new 2015 Mercedes Benz GLE450 had a check engine light come on. It stopped and would not restart. I called one of my fellow doctors who could not give me a lift but gave me MyCarButler's contact info. I called at 6pm and the owner Michael Drew answered and stated that it was late and all his drivers had gone home. He came and picked me up himself and gave me a ride home and made sure that my car was transported to the dealer the following morning for service and once it was done detailed it and had it delivered to me my office. I am sold!! Level of service is the best I have ever received and I will refer many more clients!!

Debra H. Atlanta, GA. 7/2018

"My wife brought home a brochure from the Land Rover dealer about MyCarButler and said she would like to not have to sit and wait for her Range Rover while it was being serviced and asked me to call and check it out. I called and after speaking to David I was still wasn't completely sold. I talked to 2 colleagues at my firm and they already used the service and spoke very highly of it. I called that day and signed up and have enjoyed the prompt and courteous service since."

Jordan D. Virginia Highlands 9/2018

I was waiting in the service department at Mercedes Benz dealer when I overheard another client talking about MyCarButler. After asking her about it she told me how great it was and she couldn't imagine not having it. I went to website and after looking at the reviews I signed up and Michael is very professional and I now couldn't imagine not having this service!! If you like your time and hate waiting this is for you!

K. Reynolds- Roswell, GA. 6/2018

Being a professional athlete I never have time to take my vehicles in for service and I don't think I could sit and wait anyway so when my teammate told me about MyCarButler I called Michael and he came over the same day and after speaking to him his knowledge of luxury and performance vehicles made me feel comfortable that mine would be in good hands. You've got a customer for life!

J. Jones- Atlanta, GA 5/2015

I started using MyCarButler 6 months ago and it has truly been one of the best decisions I have made. As a surgeon being on call limits my time with taking my BMW in for service but Michael and his team have lived up to every expectation I had. Thanks Michael.

Dr. Kim Decatur, GA 5/2018

I have been a client of MyCarButler now for 6 months and it is the best service you can pay for if you are busy professional. As a surgeon  I have days where I'm at the hospital all day and the last thing I want to worry about is my vehicle being serviced. Michael and his professional drivers at MyCarButler have made my life easy and allowed me the time give my patients the time they deserve.

Charles B. Alpharetta, GA 4/2018

I saw a brochure in my doctor's waiting room for MyCarButler. It looked extremely interesting so I called and Kerry answered my call and gave me all the information I needed. When leaving my doctor's office I asked him about the service and if he knew about it. He told me he uses the service himself and loves it! I signed up that very day and it is the best thing ever. I own a Porsche Carrera and am very particular about who is in my vehicle but since using MyCarButler Ramon, my Valet Driver puts me at ease with his professionalism and allows me to focus on work, my family and ... the golf course!!

Thanks MyCarButler!

Harold S. Atlanta, GA. 3/2018

I was referred to MyCarButler by my service advisor who I trust when it comes to anything that has to do with my vehicle. I am in the entertainment industry and my schedule does not allow me to think about my vehicle so MyCarButler was exactly what I needed. Thank you. I will use your service forever! It's really a lifesaver!

Jay. R. College Park, GA. 3/2018

I have been a client for 4 months and the freedom this has allowed me to spend time with my family is great. My husband liked the service he even signed up too. Excellent service and prompt.

Kelly J. Winter Garden, FL 1/2018

I have been a client of MyCarButler since November 2014 and as an attorney most of my time is spent in court or consulting clients. To be able to have my vehicles services by Michael and the guys at MyCarButler has truly allowed me to be more productive and accessible to my clients and enjoy free time when I have it with my family! Highly recommend this service for the busy professional.

Bruce K. - Atlanta,GA  11/2017

I purchased a BMW from Michael Drew, the owner in 2012. He was professional and I knew he would someday do great things. He hit it out the park with MyCarButler!! I travel from Orlando quite often and MyCarButler gives me the peace of mind knowing that my vehicle will be in good hands and once it's back in my hands it will be as if it never left. This is a service that I have longed for with my busy schedule and now I have it! Thanks Mike!

Robert K. Windermere, FL 11/2017



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